Baylee Woodward - Yacht Broker

Baylee Woodward - Yacht Broker

Miami, FL, US

Baylee grew up in Newport, Rhode Island and spent summers sailing around New England. With her family also in the yachting industry, she was around and on yachts her whole life. After graduating, she worked on yachts for two years, both sailing and motor. Her jobs on the yachts ranged from stew, mate, and/or cook. She spent most of her time during these years between New England the Caribbean, and everywhere in between. 


Following her passion, she pursued a career as a yacht broker knowing she had the potential and drive to become a star broker. After working on a few Sunseekers, and truly believing in the quality and performance, she knew she could sell them with complete confidence and pride. Upon joining the Nautiko’s team, Baylee made her first sale, a 55 Sunseeker Manhattan, in record time. 


With knowledge and experience dealing with owners, crew, and charters, she has a unique perspective to bring to her clients during the buying process. With her in depth understanding of the industry, she's able to guide buyers to the boat that meets all of their needs and desires perfectly.


When she’s not working, you can find her out on the water riding jet skis, boats, or diving.

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