Miguel Torrón - Sales Dominican Republic

Miguel Torrón - Sales Dominican Republic

La Romana, Dominicana, DO


Miguel Torron spent his childhood summers on a beach next to his brother; fishing at the docks and skiing in a small boat, his best memories of his early years  are by the sea. Then he met Monica who started inviting him to fish offshore and there he learns to understand the sea in a different way. His love for ships begins there.
After trying his hand on other businesses he decides to turn his passion into his way of life, and every day that passes, he falls in love more.
M. Costa Marine starts as a project that has always been present and tells us that the idea of this business is to bring happiness to families. His best phrase is "Every boat brings a friend".
He is defined as passionate, intense, persistent and cheerful. He shares that with Sunseeker he has found a tremendous team along with Nautikos and he is  completely grateful for this opportunity that they have given us to belong to this incredible family.
For Miguel , to be able to sell a ship you must transmit knowledge, dedication but above all passion for the sea and for what you do. It is not only theory, you must know and be able to sell to the client the illusion of those moments in family that are spent at sea.


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