Monica Armenteros de Torrón - Sales Dominican Republic

Monica Armenteros de Torrón - Sales Dominican Republic

La Romana, Dominicana, DO

Monica Armenteros de Torron is a sea enthusiast. From a young age she went out with her parents to fish, her company  gave luck them according to them. Her childhood memories were always tied to boats and fishing. Monica worked with her father until she and her husband  Miguel created M Costa,  called after their passion for the sea. Today for Monica, working with Sunseeker is not a job, is what motivates her day by day, her passion became her work.M. Costa Marine has been running 5 years since it was founded and with has a great portfolio where Sunseeker is their premium brand and the only european company in their portfolio.  Proof that in M. Costa they only work with the best brands in the world. As a woman , she knows more about boats than many men, her days pass between office and marinas- where she feels at home. Strolling by the docks at night and checking the boats is part of her daily entertainment. 

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